Local innovator with European experience joins the team at Prosperity 24.7

The Directors of Prosperity 24.7 are proud to announce the latest addition to our team, Julian Slater, fulfilling the role of Senior Business Consultant. Julian brings unparalleled knowledge gained from working with international organisations to CI industry, having designed and built algorithmic systems used to analyse multi-billion GBP/Euro/USD procurement databases across Europe for objectives such as transactional discrepancies, trend analysis and rich dynamic reporting enabling debt recovery and transactional efficiency for some of the largest names in Europe. When asked about joining Prosperity 24.7 Julian advised “it was simply an irresistible opportunity to work with some of the most esteemed industry professionals in the Channel Islands. I have been watching the careers of a few of the team and you can see the respected advisors who make up the Board, joining the team is going to help me to further focus on business needs, developing solutions that are absolutely fit for purpose yet agnostic in their technologies”. Chris Clark, Managing Director of Prosperity 24.7 added “Julian is an exceptional local talent, his breadth and depth of skill both in development and data analysis makes him a phenomenal asset to our growing team. Julian has directed agile technical teams in his previous role not only providing bespoke solutions to demanding client needs but also has a proven track record designing & producing commercial software which is absolutely aligned to our objective of enhancing Jersey’s name on the Digital map, by exporting software to a Global market”. Julian’s experience ranges from pharmaceutical clients, to global logistics firms through to Government and financial services. He has hit the ground running and will help to develop our software practice team’s wider capability. “This strategic hire will enable us to extend our software development practice further and will also enable us to ramp up our growth aspirations”. Chris Clark added “with Julian running a team of developers in parallel to Simon Jackson, we aim to increase our headcount by at least eight more analyst / developers over the coming year which is fantastic news for both established developers looking for a new challenge and graduates wishing to explore just what a career in ‘Digital Jersey’ has to offer”. http://www.businesslife.co/BusinessNews.aspx?id=local-innovator-with-european-experience-joins-the-team-at-prosperity-247