CMI – Ideas to Act on – A three year strategy presentation

Today (10.11.2011) our Managing Director – Chris Clark, was kindly invited to present at the Chartered Management Institute’s ‘Three Year Strategy’ briefing to industry at the Royal Yacht Hotel.

At the event Chris covered off concepts regarding “the Digital Age” and the considerations that we have to embrace or take heed of. On the subject of today’s work / life balance (or imbalance) Chris opened with the following “One could say that the Digital age today is personified by the blur between our work and private life, the ‘always on and connected’ work style and the explosion of what we call social media”, he continued “Twitter – Facebook – linkedin etc. The list goes on – ways to share / collaborate / unify and expose a little …or sometimes… far too much information about your personal life to the World…”

Chris also shared his thoughts about “digital natives and how they should be utilised to best effect” and also data domiciliation and security concerns, he then demonstrated Microsoft’s vision for the future which can be viewed again here.

Following on from the video, Chris re-iterated the core messages and take away thoughts.

“We are moving towards, both in the workplace and in our home / educational lives, a stratospheric change in the way we all use / consume and integrate with technology. We are going to struggle to constrain users… They are only going to be younger, more tech’ savvy, more in tune with the Digital World. Technology is pervasive it is in everything that we do today. The future will be (and is fast becoming) socially integrated, very connected and always on through a plethora of different devices, to keep up with the Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants must embrace technology and be empowered to undertake their roles in the most effective and efficient way possible.”

If you would like the slides, they can be downloaded here: 20111110 – Prosperity 247 CMI presentation for participants

If you would like to know more about the latest technology that is available for business, please do not hesitate to contact Chris Clark directly – – 01534 877247.