Secret Squirrel


Well done Secret Agent!

You have cracked the clue to get the additional details for our Top Secret – Christmas Event!

This year we are, as you may have guessed, running with a James Bond theme.
Fancy dress and fun will be the spirit of the night.

You don’t have to go all ‘Scaramanga’ on us but our colleagues will be in optional ‘Black Tie’
and we will be giving out a superb hamper for the best dressed person as well as a hamper
for the person who wins (and still has) the most money on our Roulette and Black Jack tables.

As you may have already worked out, the event is to be held on Friday 25th November.

You would not have known about the theme, or the location (shhh, keep it a secret):

Banjo – Upstairs from 5pm onwards. Fancy dress if you wish but by no means obligatory.

Now you have this information at hand, share it at your peril!

…But please let Miss Moneypenny know that you have cracked this by providing a suitably cryptic response to –