Nurturing great minds at Prosperity 24/7

Prosperity 24/7, from its modest beginnings in 2011, has evolved into one of the most trusted technology and business advisory partners in the Channel Islands. Recently expanding its footprint with state-of-the-art waterfront offices and a new branch in Scotland, the company’s growth is attributed to a simple yet profound philosophy: “If we do our best to look after our clients, our colleagues, and our community equally, then we can all prosper.” This ethos is not just a slogan; it’s a guiding principle that shapes the work culture at Prosperity 24/7.


CEO, Chris Clark, emphasises the importance of providing a supportive and permissive environment where colleagues can learn, grow, and thrive which is embedded in the business strategy as Prosperity continues to expand. The focus is not only on client work but also on fostering creativity and innovation. The company prioritises employee well-being, work/life balance, and inclusivity, creating a workplace where individuals from diverse backgrounds can reach their fullest potential.

“Our workplace allows employees from all backgrounds and walks of life to achieve their fullest potential. Ultimately, we want a happy, healthy team who are able to reach their personal and career development goals with us, while delighting our clients.”

Four new joiners from across the business tell their stories and offer a glimpse into the vibrant and supportive culture at Prosperity 24/7.

Alex Ferreira

Alex Ferreira is a Trainee Consultant in the Technical Solutions Team and a recent graduate with a first-class honours degree in Digital Technologies from University College Jersey. “I first heard about Prosperity 24/7 through one of my tutors and was drawn to the role because it aligns with my interests of working with the Cloud and especially Microsoft Azure’s Cloud platform.” From his first impressions, Alex appreciated the welcoming and supportive atmosphere at Prosperity.  “It was my first time stepping into full-time work and any worries I had, quickly went away when I realised how supportive the team I work with are.  The modern workspace is nothing like a traditional office which put me at ease straight away.”  Alex’s goal is to become a seasoned IT consultant, specialising in Azure DevOps and Infrastructure as Code.  A goal he knows will be supported as he always has the opportunity to learn and work on diverse projects that challenge his knowledge and push him to develop.

Dylan Oswald

Dylan Oswald is a Junior Consultant in Business Solutions who joined Prosperity in June 2023. Despite having the option to attend university, Dylan took a different path, exploring job roles in software development. Prosperity stood out, offering him the freedom to continue to study, choose what to learn and skills to improve. “Before joining Prosperity, I didn’t like the idea of working in an office, but I was pleasantly surprised by the welcoming and supportive team atmosphere. His future goals involve continuous learning, advancing knowledge in existing systems, and contributing innovative concepts to projects.  “The best thing about my role is that I get to write code for a living! I have the opportunity to choose which skills I want to develop and set my own goals, giving me a greater sense of responsibility and fulfilment.”

Armand Fourie

Armand Fourie is a Business Analysis Consultant, in Prosperity’s Strategy and Change team. He started university but opted for a different path and entered the realm of Information Technology, working for entrepreneurs and dedicating considerable time to learn from industry directors and honing his business skills before moving into data analysis.  “What drew me to Prosperity was the alignment of their core values with mine. I saw the role as an exciting opportunity to contribute my expertise and further develop in a challenging and rewarding environment.” Armand was impressed by how genuine everyone in the office is, from directors to new joiners.  “Everyone is super nice and want to contribute to the continued success of the organisation by giving their best every day.” His next steps involve obtaining a BCS International Diploma in Business Analysis, with aspirations to help with expansion plans and become a director of a future Prosperity South Africa office.

Izzie Watkins

Izzie Watkins is an intern in the Business Solutions team and joined Prosperity in mid-September after graduating with a mathematics degree. “I am currently on a gap year and wanted to find an internship with a highly regarded consultancy to gain some experience in technology.” Izzie values the professional, friendly, and welcoming working environment at Prosperity. “I’ve already been involved in a wide variety of projects and appreciate how everyone is very approachable, if you need help with something.” With plans for a Master’s degree in either cyber security or data science, Izzie appreciates the constant learning opportunities both through structured training and from experienced colleagues. “I’m constantly learning new coding languages and applications, and I’m able to use the knowledge from my degree to give a different perspective.”

From cloud technology, to coding, to application development, to business analysis, the diverse journeys of Alex, Dylan, Armand and Izzie showcase the company’s commitment to fostering not only great minds but also great careers. By developing a workplace culture that values learning, collaboration, and individual growth, employees can contribute meaningfully to both their personal development supporting the company and ultimately our clients, overarching success. As Prosperity 24/7 continues to evolve, these stories underscore the company’s dedication to nurturing talent, building expertise, and creating a workplace where every mind can truly prosper.