Prosperity 24.7 – Building the Digital economy

At Prosperity 24.7, we are incredibly proud of what we have achieved to support and build the ecosystem that is driving the digital economy in Jersey.

We thought it was about time we shared our aspirations more publically to let the Industries we support (Finance / Public Sector / Legal etc.) in to a little secret, namely our plans for sustainable growth to support both our local and International client base.

Today our overarching service lines could be summarised as:

Strategy & Change | Technical Solutions | Business Solutions | Training

All are driven by people demonstrating wisdom and passion, this must continue.

Following on from our recent client research our clients advised us that we are best known for “great people, always delivering great value” and having colleagues who “are the best people you could ever hope to work with”. Kind words and validation that our overarching purpose is working.

To support our community, our colleagues and our clients, together we will prosper.

Our planned growth is designed to support the Island’s digital economy, driving the adoption of modern ways of working through Digital Transformation and Digital Enablement…

Digital Transformation will be led by our Strategy & Change as well as our Training practice – the human elements to engender cultural change and better business operations giving people time to think rather than just process their ever growing workload.

Digital Enablement will be delivered by our Technical Solutions & Business Solutions practices – leveraging pragmatic technology to underpin businesses to help them to work smarter, faster, more securely from anywhere. Leveraging tools such as Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365 enabling Robotic Process Automation / Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence etc. these ‘technologies’ underpin and enable the ‘modern way of working’ that we see our diverse clients demanding to achieve their own prosperity.

Neither facet can succeed fully if only delivered partially – our business is built to deliver the entire gamut of digital services required from issue identification through to delivery and operational excellence.

Structural Growth

This year we are building space for growth e.g. In the Strategy & Change team we can see growth in the our practice areas: Strategy | Project Management | Business Analysis etc. with future ‘heads of’ roles being created over the next two years for PM / BA etc. all under the ‘Change’ umbrella.

Technical Solutions have created a ‘Small, Medium Enterprise’ (SME) team which enables Technical Solutions and SME to both grow respectively this year – colleagues will be fluid between the two teams and will still be part of ‘Technical Solutions’ umbrella.

Our Training practice with their ‘business angels’ aspirations will grow and work in partnership with the SME team to drive digital transformation across businesses. The SME team will focus on growing our fully outsourced services for small but high growth potential businesses (20 – 75 employees). We will grow as businesses require more ‘digital natives’ who in turn will support client organisations to embrace the ‘modern way of working’.

In the Business Solutions team we will be creating additional space in the Artificial Intelligence / Business Intelligence space, we have already identified four candidates to build significant capability in this area for our business who will support our growing Solutions team who are widely recognised for their innovation with Dynamics 365/CRM leveraging Robotic Process Automation and AI across FinTech, RegTech and GovTech respectively.

In Data Management we can see significant growth to support Industry in both the GDPR and Business Data Management space.

What does this look like from a team construct perspective?

By the end of 2019 we will have established the adjacent service lines and created significant opportunities for both organic and acquisitive growth – our target is 60 staff but we could theoretically expand to as much as 120 staff if the new service lines are embraced by clients and meet expected market demand with four overarching teams of 30 people in each.

We strive to address the gender imbalance, presently our team is 80% male / 20% female but we are encouraging women into technology roles so hope to have improved the balance to 66% / 33% (at worst) by the end of 2019.

All our growth is underpinned by our excellent clients clearly articulating their own desires for the near term future, we have to say “thank you” for helping us to shape our own future aligned to yours…