Prosperity serve up an Educational picnic – lunch, learn and leave in 90 minutes

Red hot insights and tasty experiences served by Industry experts from Prosperity 24.7. Free, exclusive training sessions limited to 20 people per day.  To support Learning at Work’ week, Prosperity 24.7 is running ‘Lunch and Learn’ sessions for a week in May, where our team of experts will explore a number of business-critical topics which are elaborated below.

Why take part?

For you personally, the reasons for taking part will depend on your particular context and goals, it may be that you are a Company Director and feel that you understand every area of your business apart from the realm of IT? It may be that you simply want to improve your skills, it may be that you want to ‘suss us out’. We will leave your motivations to your discretion – all we can say is that we are happy to share our knowledge and experience for free.

Companies and individuals that have taken part previously report a wide range of opportunities and benefits:

  • Changing attitudes to learning and work.
  • More positive and improved perceptions of learning and development both at business and individual level.
  • Increased motivation and productivity.
  • Greater awareness of opportunities to learn.

All we would say is can you afford to not attend?

Date: 16th – 20th May, 12:30 – 2pm

Place: Prosperity 24.7, 3rd floor boardroom, 17 Broad Street, St Helier.

CostFREE OF CHARGE – Charitable donations for our Prosperity Day charities are welcome (Caring Cooks and Wetwheels). To reserve your place on any of the below sessions being held, please click here and tick the session you are interested in attending.

For more information – call 01534 877247 to speak to Geraldine and Rose or email us on