12 reasons to celebrate with HP and Prosperity 24.7

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Prosperity 24.7 have 12 reasons to celebrate with HP at the moment, why? You may well ask, so we will elaborate…

For the first time in our history, in fact in mine and Jake’s career to be honest, we have recently won six significant infrastructure projects in just an eight week period. These are all facilitated by HP’s leading edge 3PAR storage hardware and somewhat dispel the perception that ‘everyone is moving to the cloud’. Not quite the case in the Channel Islands anyway as data residency, knowing that data is secure, segregated and defendable, still acts as a compelling driver for investment in technologies for our acquisitive, high growth clients.

As those of you in the Industry will probably have guessed, six significant (Enterprise level) infrastructure projects will require at least twelve HP 3PAR SAN’s (if resilience and Business Continuity are important to your organisation). This is why we want to celebrate just a little. We aren’t gloating by the way, just celebrating because, to be brutally honest, Jake and I have never known anything like this – in an eight (8) week period we have just secured more storage for Channel Islands’ businesses than we think exists in all of the local ‘Cloud’ service providers aggregated storage arrays.

This is a pretty incredible feat and might go some way to justify our showcase Executive visit from HP Enterprise division’s Territory Manager – Brian Murray – whom is personally intending to meet all of the great client’s that we are fortunate enough to be in the process of laying down the most robust foundations for their IT infrastructure for the next three to five years enabling comfort for their operational needs yet agility for their acquisitive aspirations.

If security yet growth and robust performance are on your agenda for 2015, by all means drop Jake or I a line as soon as you can this week so that you can meet with Brian and ourselves first hand to get a better understanding as to just why, so many clients have made such a significant investment in physical storage and computing power that will drive the local economy ever forwards as we are enjoying the shoots of this economic recovery.

I can be contacted directly at – chris.clark@prosperity247.com – whilst Jake our CTO can be contacted at – jake.foster@prosperity247.com – thank you for reading and we look forward to helping you soon.