Dragon Boat Winners – 2013…

Jersey Dragon Boat Winners

Remarkable as it is, on Saturday 21st September 2013, Prosperity 24.7 were crowned ‘Victors’ of the 2013 Dragon Boat Jersey event. The first time in the events history that the race has been won by a Corporate team, rather than a Sports Club.

Chris Clark, Managing Director of Prosperity 24.7, participated with the ‘Motley Crew’ throughout the day, gratefully receiving the award from Condor Ferries (above) to rapturous cheers and good humour from the entire team plus all who participated during the day.

When asked about the victory Chris Clark said,

“We have simply had an amazing day, last year the Prosperity Pirates came 9th in the heats, as you may know, the fastest 8 get to race in the final. We were gutted last year, therefore we had two goals today, one was to get in the final and one was to aim for a 1:15 time at some point in the day”.

The final saw Prosperity 24.7 competing against all male teams such as ‘Too Many Men in a Boat’, the ‘Water Polo Team’ and ‘Jersey Kayak Team’. The crew in the “Prosperity Pirates” really just wanted to participate handsomely, however on the day, we all ‘just clicked’ and as you can see in the ‘photo finish’ below, boat 8, with Prosperity Pirates aboard, just beat the rest with a time of 1:15:08.

Upon winning Chris Clark advised,

“it is just amazing what can be achieved if you have the right team involved. It is not all about bulk or brawn, it is about the intelligent application of the right team with a dedicated focus. You could say it rings true regarding what we do day to day in business, it just demonstrates what can be achieved against the odds!”


Prosperity 24.7 would like to thank everyone involved in the event, especially the guys from Sure International who so were so in time with our great team. We are really glad to have been able to make a significant contribution to the fund raising for Jersey Hospice by providing one of the main raffle prizes, an iPad, which helped with significant sales across all the teams.

Prosperity 24.7 also made a significant donation and are glad that the day could make a difference and provide such support to Jersey Hospice.