The Next Era of Storage is Here

The most significant storage announcement in HP’s history

HP has just introduced industry-first, breakthrough innovations to the HP Converged Storage portfolio to save you time, lower costs and help you extract more value from information in virtualized, cloud and big data environments. Whether you engage in looking for new cures, help keep financial markets ticking, find new ways to connect people, or explore new frontiers, you’ll have more resources to fuel what matters to you.

HP Converged Storage delivers ROI to the power of three

Seamlessly delivering IT services, extracting more value from information and reducing business risk exposure—this seems like a lot to ask of storage. But this is what modern virtual, cloud, and big data environments need.

Unlike the dozens of fragmented storage products provided by other vendors, HP Converged Storage provides a single storage system architecture with common data services for block, object and file applications—delivering “polymorphic” simplicity—capable of meeting any need at any scale.

Your investments now provide higher:

Return on information: Extract more value and make better decisions.

Enabling faster decisions based on more relevant information though intelligent search and information retention capabilities.

Return on infrastructure: Lower costs and boost agility.

Improving utilization through massive consolidation and federated data mobility.

Return on individuals: Save time and reduce complexity.

Simplifying storage with common services and management from entry-level to enterprise-class.

By increasing returns on information, infrastructure and individuals with ROI to the power of three, you have more resources to channel into what matters to you.


HP 3PAR StoreServ Storage—Leading Tier 1 storage for virtualization and IT-as-a-Service

HP has enhanced the 3PAR family with new Tier 1 data services and the introduction of two new HP 3PAR StoreServ 7000 Storage models to deliver Tier 1 features in the midrange and extend the 3PAR family down market starting at ~£18,000 GBP.

NEW: Raising the bar again with Tier 1 data services

Greater protection of application service levels

  • Persistent Ports for online upgrades without multipathing dependency
  • Peer Persistence for transparent server failover over metro distances

Guarantee performance levels for tenants and applications

  • Priority Optimization for Quality of Service assurance by IOPS and Bandwidth

Reclaim even more time for storage administrators

  • Autonomic Replication Groups for configuration-less disaster protection

NEW: The industry’s first tier 1 storage in the midrange

Effortless: Reduce time spent managing storage by 90%

  • Self-configuring, provisioning, and optimizing via autonomic management
  • Guided setup with new SmartStart tools


Efficient: Reduce capacity requirements 50%—Guaranteed!

  • Hardware enabled thin technologies, advanced tiering, and thin persistence for both file and block data.
  • Deduplication and autonomic capacity reclamation with HP 3PAR StoreServ file services


Bulletproof: Tier 1 features. Midrange price. 2x VM density –Guaranteed!

  • Quad controller resiliency, multi-tenant design, SSD models with QoS, and mixed workload optimization
  • 2.4x performance advantage vs. that of the closest competitor with an all-SSD model


Futureproof: Grow with freedom in any direction

  • Scale-out hardware and federate with HP Peer Motion for virtually limitless scale from SMB to Enterprise
  • Migrate seamlessly to 3PAR StoreServ with HP 3PAR Online Import for EVA



HP StoreAll Storage— Tame and mine object and file data thousands of times faster than ever before

HP StoreAll Storage is HP’s new hyper-scalable, intelligent platform that simplifies archiving, accelerates analysis and consolidates object and file-based data.

Hyperscale: Massive object and file scalability for polymorphic simplicity

  • Scale to over 1000 nodes,16PB, and billions of objects and files in a single namespace

Harnessed: Structure for unstructured data

  • Custom metadata tagging, data immutability with retention policies and WORM, and constant data validation

Instant: Ultra-fast search and value extraction at petabyte scale

  • Discovery, compliance, and analytics with StoreAll Express Query and Autonomy IDOL integration

Economic: Scale down costs of storing data over time

  • Policy-based tiering and cost-efficient capacity with a scale-out pay-as-you-grow architecture


HP StoreOnce Backup—Polymorphic Simplicity: Software to Scale-Out. Source to Target

Earlier this year, the introduction of HP StoreOnce Catalyst software gave enterprise-class customers the ability to deduplicate data on their application or backup servers before transferring it to a centralized HP StoreOnce Backup system. HP is extending this capability to the entire HP StoreOnce Backup portfolio, including two new entry-level models.

Federated Deduplication for data mobility without rehydration

Accelerated: 100TB/hour backup speed and industry-leading recovery performance

  • Variable chunking and StoreOnce Catalyst offload to increase performance

Available: Eliminate single points of failure

  • High-end HP StoreOnce 6200 with Autonomic Restart so backup always completes

Flexible: Dedupe and Replicate backup anywhere

  • Multi-site replication plus dedupe at source, server, or target from ROBO to datacenter

Simple: Centralize control to eliminate complexity

  • Integration with HP and ISV applications so one console does it all

NEW: StoreOnce 2000/4000 Backup Systems now with StoreOnce Catalyst

  • 3x faster recovery than competitors. HP 4420 vs. EMC DD640
  • 3x faster backup than previous generations
  • 50% to 70% lower £/TB per hr. vs. competitors


NEW: Enhanced 6000 series multi-tenancy for Enterprises and Service Providers

  • Granular reporting to facilitate client billing
  • Flexible permissions for admins and users


HP StoreEver Tape Storage—now with LTO-6— saves time and money and helps reduce risk

HP’s next-generation StoreEver Tape Storage family directly addresses the combined challenges of data growth, long term data retention, and resource efficiency. Now with LTO-6, the HP StoreEver Tape Storage family with LTO-6 delivers a powerful combination of scalability, manageability, security, and availability, with more than twice the capacity and 44% faster performance than LTO-5 in the same footprint.1

NEW: Support for LTO-6 across the entire tape drive and tape automation portfolio

Scalable: Up to 44.4PB of capacity in a single system and virtually limitless scale with removable media

Manageable: LTFS data access makes tape as easy as disk while backward compatibility enables easy upgrade

Secure: Hardware based encryption and HP TapeAssure for dependable protection

Economical: Lowest cost £/GB and Watt/GB to reduce CapEx and OpEx