Got VMware? – Get 3PAR

Seven reasons HP 3PAR is the best storage for VMware

  1. Wide striping distributes vSphere storage volumes across all array resources, leveraging the system’s fine-grained virtualization to deliver superior performance. Wide striping provides for consistent levels of performance, regardless of the capacity utilization of the array.
  2. Mixed workload support enables different types of applications requiring both transaction-based and throughput-intensive workloads to run without contention on a single system.
  3. Mesh-active clustering of controllers distributes and dynamically balances each workload across all drives, nodes, loops, cache, and ports. Each volume is active on every controller in the array at all times.
  4. Persistent Cache provides resiliency in the event of a node failure by using the high-performance, Mesh-Active backplane to quickly re-mirror write-back cache to other nodes in the system.
  5. Simplified management reduces storage administration time by up to 90%. Rapid provisioning, autonomic load balancing, and software management products automate repetitive storage administration tasks.
  6. “Thin-Built-In” ASIC that not only optimizes the capacity of each 3PAR array, but ramps the performance of every feature by streamlining storage transactions that exercise storage system cache and disks.
  7. Integration with vSphere that includes VAAI, VASA, vCenter management, Storage I/O Control and more. If you want to learn more about this integration.

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