Try Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online with Prosperity 24.7

Prosperity 24.7, are incredibly proud of our position as the largest and most experienced Microsoft Dynamics CRM developers in the Channel Islands (amongst our many other core skills) and have recently chosen to extend the goodwill of Microsoft during the month of October, enabling our clients to benefit from a custom collection of Microsoft Online CRM Services for you to try before you buy.

Try Microsoft Dynamics CRM for free during October by clicking – HERE

This trial invitation includes: – 25 user licenses for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online – but we can obviously extend the capabilities of the standard platform to meet a raft of end user needs.

Simon Jackson heads up Prosperity 24.7’s CRM and Software Development practice, he advised “CRM is an inherently flexible, robust and quite simply, brilliant development environment that can be extended way beyond the traditional Customer Relationship Management scenario. Recent projects have ranged from pure compliance / KYC / AML and client take-on scenarios through to providing a rapid yet rich business development platform for a multi-jurisdictional Financial Services entity. We have also recently completed the build of an incredibly vertical application but cannot share the insights publically due to NDA’s but all I can say is, it is phenomenal in the fact it can handle structured processes consisting of in excess of 110 dynamic steps – this lays the foundations for a ‘Centre of Excellence’ for this specific client and will no doubt help many others”.

Should you wish to try CRM online, simply register above on the trial link or by all means request assistance or a demonstration by contacting: +44 (0) 1534 877247 or http://prosperity247.old