Prosperity 24.7 Training Director gains the Online Learning Facilitator Certification

Prosperity 24.7 Training Director Geraldine Evans has recently been awarded the Certified Online Learning Facilitator qualification from the Learning & Performance Institute, a global Institute for Learning & Development professionals.  The Certified Online Learning Facilitator (COLF) course was launched in 2010 with the aim of raising standards within the live online learning arena; reinstalling confidence in online facilitation as a method to deliver effective learning.

The traditional delivery skills of classroom trainers do not transfer natively into the online classroom and the success of live online learning events depends entirely on the quality of the Learning & Development professionals’ skills in facilitating live online events.

Geraldine comments “due to the flexibility of online learning, and the Global nature of our Client base, more and more of our clients are using this method of training.  Staff from different locations can be trained together and training budgets can be used solely for learning and development rather than incorporating large travel costs.  When delivered correctly, online learning can be as engaging and interactive as classroom environments.”

Geraldine has already delivered online training to several Global clients from Jersey, this experience and the more recent qualification adds the Certified Online Learning Facilitator qualification to her existing classroom based training qualifications, Microsoft Certified Trainer, CompTIA Technical Trainer & City & Guilds Adult Educator.

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