Prosperity 24.7 launch ‘Get Fit for Business’ to support ‘The One Foundation’ and runners of the Standard Chartered 2012 Jersey Marathon

Prosperity 24.7 have launched an initiative to help local business people get fit for the 2012 Standard Chartered Marathon, build their business network, make friends and raise money for the Jersey charity ‘The One Foundation’ in the process.

“This is by no means about building a regime that ensures any team comes first in the marathon, it is about ensuring that people are fit to run and can actually look forward to participating on the day. While they are out training, they may also meet someone that can help them in business, whether this is a legal advisor, accountant, architect, insurer, retailer or finance company. From our initial discussions we expect every sector to have some form of representation when we go for our run – or plod as it will no doubt start out as” advised Chris Clark, Managing Director of Prosperity 24.7.

So what are the team proposing to help you to ‘Get Fit for Business’?

The team from Prosperity 24.7 are looking to go for a jog every Monday evening (from 9th July 2012) starting at 17:30 from in front of the Post Office on Broad Street in St. Helier. Check out for times and dates.

We will split into two teams based on ability, ‘first class’ (for those aspiring to potentially run the entire marathon) and ‘business class’, for those who want a more leisurely affair and the opportunity to meet and chat whilst getting fit for a leg of the marathon. Each week we will extend the length of the jog, starting at a length equivalent to the shortest leg of the relay but extending this to cover the longest leg by the end of the program ensuring that anyone participating should be able to run any part of the marathon relay confidently.

Once a month we intend to hold a more sociable evening called the ‘joggers tipple’ (location to be confirmed), whereby everyone that has been involved can get together, compare how they have improved over the last month and discuss what targets they want to set themselves for the following month.

Chris added “getting fit for business is about improving your performance in a measurable way over a period of time; it is no different in that regard as to what we do day to day in business”.

“This is nothing revolutionary by any means; we simply believe that if we make this a social and business networking opportunity, there is a far greater chance that many of us (and by us he means Jersey business people in the local Industry) will actually make the effort to attend a weekly training session. We are hoping that during the weeks we will grow our attendance to in excess of 100 people each week which will also make a significant contribution to our chosen charity the One Foundation”.

The scheme is being run in conjunction with More Than Sport who are located at Liberty Quay and can provide all the necessary equipment to ensure that runners have suitable footwear, attire or running accessories both for the training sessions and also for the day of the marathon.

For further information on how you can join Prosperity 24.7, you can either contact Chris Clark directly at or you can simply sign up to the Facebook Group which will provide updates on training sessions, performance over the weeks, the monthly location of the Joggers Tipple and special offers at More Than Sport for those participating in the initiative to ‘Get Fit for Business’.

A minimal donation of £5 is being requested by Prosperity 24.7 each week to help ensure that there is a benefit to their chosen charity ‘The One Foundation’ which is a charitable organisation benefiting sport, education, culture and community projects in Jersey – The Foundation provides professional support and financial assistance to ensure individuals, teams, non-profit making organisations and community based projects are able to achieve their full potential. They have been chosen as their objectives align perfectly with those of Prosperity 24.7 and the way in which we want to help local businesses to achieve their full potential as well – http://prosperity247.old.