Maximize your HP P4000 and VMware investment with SAN/iQ 9.5

In today’s economic climate it is more important than ever for organisations to ensure that they are making the most effective and efficient use of their current technology investment.

Aligned to this objective, our Chief Technology Officer – Jake Foster – has identified a great way for our client’s to save money and man-hours today…

SAN/iQ 9.5 is ready to download. Step up to the latest software version and enjoy the benefits as your HP P4000 G2 LeftHand SAN continues to deliver on value and high availability performance.

Key new features include:

• VMware vStorage Metro Cluster Certification with P4000 Multi-Site ensures improved disaster recovery with non-disruptive failover across multiple sites delivered by the HP P4000 LeftHand Multi-Site SAN and new VMware vStorage Metro Cluster Support initiative. Unique to HP, this solution eliminates the need to deploy a second system for disaster recovery by splitting a single cluster into two. Using the Multi-Site SAN capability, an administrator can map the data center configuration into the SAN to completely automate all site-dependent data availability and fault tolerance decisions within the software.

• Application integrated and managed snapshots for ESX and Hyper-V take application consistent snapshots of Hyper-V or VMware virtual machines from the storage system. Makes everyday tasks much easier, faster and more reliable.

• Storage Replication Adapter for VMware Site Recovery Manager 5.x automates disaster recovery of VMware virtual machines. Benefit from the next step in simplified availability. Integrated replication simplifies management with automated, transparent failover and failback. If a storage node goes offline, data changes are tracked from the time it goes offline then changed data blocks are restored to the current level when the node is back online.

Is this enough or would you like additional new advantages…?

These following enhancements are also included in your upgrade:

• Zero to VSA automated installation and deployment speeds and simplifies install process for one or a thousand VSAs. Accelerates server disk drive virtualisation.

• 10GbE support for VSA available for customers demanding higher performance even with a Virtual SAN, replacing previous 1 GbE.

Management made even easier:

Imagine the extra time and money you’ll save with these features, designed to greatly simplify day-to-day management tasks.

• New CMC homepage design presents vital information for the entire storage environment in a single view.

• New Best Practice configuration wizard helps users choose highest availability configurations and best implementation.

• Peer Motion data mobility with Cluster Swap allows you to replace or upgrade P4000 clusters with a few clicks, no maintenance windows and no downtime required. Migrate data online between tiers non-disruptively.

• Remote Copy performance improvements deliver faster replication speeds and shorter RPOs. Saves time by pre-detecting the empty space

If the aforementioned has whet you appetite, then contact us on for specialist assistance to ensure a smooth, vendor accredited upgrade to HP SAN/iQ 9.5