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Information and cyber security 

Data is the core of your business and often the most valuable asset  – “Data is the new oil”. 

Our approach to security ensures our customers are adopting the best practices based on the risks which are appropriate and relevant to them.  


Preventing you from drowning in acronym soup! Whether it’s GDPR, HIPAA, SOX or PCI.  

GDPR is now becoming more mature and businesses are more aware of their policies, but as new software is adopted and working practices change are GDPR policies still being followed?  Are you following the NIST (National Institute of Standards & Technology) guidelines of Identify, Protect Detect, Respond & Recover? 

Our security services are comprehensive and follow industry recognised frameworks. 

We can help you assess your current working practices and identify key risks to your business by building your risk register. We can help you adopt good practices from junior staff to senior executives.  

Our clients can produce clear reporting for their boards based on the tools and methods adopted. 

It is widely accepted that every business will be breached, but what does this mean?  

If you are GFSC regulated business, you now have a responsibility to the regulator to be able to respond and report on any cyber related incidents. We can help you adopt best practices and recommend, support, and implement any relevant solutions to ensure you have a robust response plan and reporting in place.  



Configure your Microsoft 365 tenant for increased security. 

  • We will review your Microsoft tenant and make recommendations on how to increase your security posture to ensure that the data you have moved to Microsoft 365 is more secure. 

Vulnerability management as a service 

  • Regular internal vulnerability scans and proactive management with suitable reporting. 

MDR and EDR solutions 

  • Comprehensive threat detection and response solutions to defend your business from cyber warfare. 

Risk assessments 

  • Full risk assessments whether you are starting from scratch or need to review your current policies or risk register. Giving you a clear picture of your security posture. 

Policy review and implementation 

  • We will help you review or write your security and risk policies and adoption and tailor them to your business based on your working practices and risk landscape where applicable. 

Security and risk training 

  • Enabling your staff and ergo your business to perform mini-risk assessments and be aware of their responsibilities. We often find the weakest part of any security posture is the human element. By ensuring your team have the awareness will go a long way to being better protected! 

Cyber Essentials 

  • We can help with your Cyber Essential assessment and with your journey to Cyber Essentials certification. This is now a requirement for all Government of Jersey stakeholders. The process is a great way to kickstart or refresh any security journey, helping you document your processes and think about your requirements. 



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