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Analytics & Reporting

Transforming raw data into meaningful Insight can be a challenge, particularly when your data is stored in different locations. The data needs to be extracted, processed then displayed in such a way that patterns, trends and performance are immediately accessible and exceptions highlighted.

Our experts help with manipulating, understanding and displaying data – whether that be in single sheet report formats or Business intelligence suites such as the reporting platform which we ourselves have developed to surface aggregated / Consolidated reporting across Jurisdictions / Entities and Currencies:

We work closely with you to establish your key metrics and performance indicators, and any targets or objectives you may hold. We can write bespoke algorithms to create singular KPI constructs. We will then work with you to design the output mechanism that best suits your needs- from web portals to hard copy distributions.

  • Pull together data from multiple separate sources
  • Utilise roll-up / drill-down views to get the overall picture and the detailed view
  • Use Correlations to indicate the degree of relatedness between data sets
  • Employ graphical representations for quick-to-understand visual referencing
  • Use RAG / target boundaries to indicate relative performance
  • Reports, Management Information , Business intelligence, Analysis- we will design and automate your data Insights suites to help you with your data-lead decision making