John Gillies Application Analyst - Business Solutions

p:+ 44 7797 892917

John joined Prosperity in January of 2023 as a Systems Analyst and Consultant, supporting the Business Solutions Team.

Learning his trade within the IT Security Industry for over 13 years, supporting clients in both pre and post-sales support spanning 30+ different solutions. On any given day John could be found helping his clients configure their Firewalls, Authentication suites, Mail/Web protection services and Device control policies, ensuring client needs were meet.

Moving away from the Security space, John became more people focused moving onto support the governments IT efforts during the Covid-19 pandemic within the busy contact tracing centre.

On a personal level John enjoys travelling, snowboarding trips and holds a 1st degree Black Belt in Karate, where he teaches a small class of students twice a week.

Specialist Areas
Customer Service focused.
Requirement scoping and interpretation.
Persuasion and influencing.
Time keeping and Deadline.
Comfort zone remover.
Welfare and Mental Health.

Professional Qualifications & Memberships
Sophos Fire SG and XG Architect
Sophos Central Architect
Sophos Mobile Engineer
MailMarshal – WebMarshal Engineer (rebranded as Trustwave)
McAfee SaaS Technical (formally MX Logic)
Censornet Support Champion
Hardware Encrypted UB devices
+ more

“Motivated self-interest. For now, the best place for me to be is here.” – CMDR William T Riker, USS Enterprise.