Carl Appleton Senior Consultant - Strategy & Change

p:+44 7700 705362

Carl is an outgoing confident change professional that prides himself on his pragmatic approach. Having spent 10 years in the Royal Navy and 14 years as a fire fighter he has embraced some of the skills learnt and transferred them into delivering successful change programmes alongside bespoke training courses.

Carl’s primary focus over the last three years has been leading the Change Management Programme for the Ports of Jersey, where he has been responsible for developing process improvement where saving approx 2m wasted minutes and £1m. One project alone that Carl implemented, is forecast to save £180,000 per year, whilst employing four new members of staff, thus increasing the departments effectiveness.

Carl also planned and delivered the internal Yellow Belt training programme which encouraged the culture change required to implement a successful business transformation. During his three years Carl delivered the training to over 120 Ports of Jersey personnel whilst developing meaningful relationships with stakeholders throughout the business.

‘Carl's natural curiosity and improvement mindset were exactly what we were looking for to lead our Operational Excellence initiative - the Acceleration Programme. We equipped him with tools, gave him the space to deliver - and he did amazingly well. So well, in fact, he started early revenue from the programme by selling it to external companies’ – Doug Bannister CEO Port of Dover (former CEO Ports of Jersey).

Carl was instrumental in aiding Jersey Water to launch and propel their Connect Programme by delivering training to 52 personnel over 5 yellow belt courses, significantly assisting a momentous culture change which in turn has led to continued savings in both time and money. Carl’s contribution and support of the Connect Programme was vital in boosting the uptake and launch of the initiative, leading to quickly visible positive change for Jersey Water.

Specific Skillsets

Carl has a passion for working with teams, breaking down silos and implementing a positive culture change. Facilitating Rapid Improvement events are also a speciality of Carl, where he gathers stakeholders, identifies waste and then implements the change rapidly to enable measurement against success criteria, one of the most effective process improvement tools.

Change management professional

Facilitating process reengineering

Continuous improvement champion

Delivery of effective bespoke training

Professional and Academic Qualifications

BCS Certificate in Requirements Engineering
BCS Modelling Business Processes

CLD277x: Microsoft Service Adoption Specialist

Black Belt Lean Six Sigma

Financial Planning Certificates 1,2 & 3