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Head of Business Intelligence
Business Solutions Team

To support our continued growth, we are looking for a talented and highly experienced data engineer and analytics specialist to lead the Business Intelligence unit within our Business Solutions Team.

Our Business Solutions Team, are our Great Minds, Always Innovating, leveraging the latest technology to drive productivity for our clients.

Carry on reading for details about the role but we expect you to be able to define your own job specification as part of our commitment to trusting our colleagues.

Role Overview

You will be a data engineer and analytics expert, utilising a multitude of data platforms and tools to achieve successful business intelligence outcomes.

With a keen focus on the Microsoft data stack, preferably with strong knowledge of its modern cloud data platform. You will have worked on many different projects across a range of sectors and business areas and have a fantastic grasp of Financial Analytics. You will have a passion for making data beautiful, ensuring the right data is surfaced at the right time to facilitate real insights and informed business decisions. You will also be able to evangelise about our Financial Services reporting products that will help fast track success for many clients in diverse sectors.

Experience Required

  • Excellent understanding of Microsoft Data Stack and Financial Analytics
  • Proven track record in data engineering and analytics
  • Experienced team leader
  • 10+ years’ experience in a relevant role
  • Study path includes a relevant qualification to this role
  • CMI Level 7 qualification or equivalent preferred

About You

You will be a strong team leader able to encourage and nurture team development. With expert technical and analytical skills, you will be a forward planner and strategic thinker, who is commercially aware and able to work closely with a wide range of clients to deliver to their business needs and deadlines. Proven experience in a relevant role and a positive attitude and growth mind set is essential.

How do I learn more?

If this opportunity excites you and you’re keen to continually challenge yourself on the path to helping our clients achieve great things we look forward to hearing from you.

Simply send your details and a current CV to