Great Minds Series: Security Frameworks & Standards: Drivers for change in security tools & behaviour

Where is your business on the scale of preparedness when it comes to your cyber security? Are you aware of the legislation that applies to your business or the standards that give that additional layer of trust to the responsibility you have for your clients’ data?

DORA, CIS, NIS2, ISO27001, NIST CSF 2.0 – It may seem like a minefield but all of these pieces of legislation and frameworks serve to ensure they give guidance to and establish accountability within organisations.

Join us at for an insightful event on Thursday 11 July between 14:00 and 16:00 where our Security Solutions team will discuss the latest developments in security frameworks and standards with our partner, Arctic Wolf. Learn about these drivers for change in security tools and behaviour, and how they impact your business.

Discussion topics:

  • Frameworks and Standards overview and trends
  • Cyber resilience assessment- benchmarking tool for CIS, NIST & DORA
  • Security operations with Arctic Wolf

This in-person event will be held at Space at Prosperity 24/7, with drinks afterwards.

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